Welcome to the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio, home to trainings and workshops based on Michael Chekhov Technique and exploring the actor's work as play since 1996.

Lenard Petit, Artistic Director, has developed the work of Michael Chekhov in a practical and imaginative way. His teaching and writings are celebrated for clearly translating the technique into something easy to use for actors today. His book, The Michael Chekhov Handbook, For The Actor can be found online and select bookstores. Additionally a few articles by Lenard are included here!


"This work has transformed me as an actor. It allows me to create without boundaries and is incredibly fun. I've never felt a sense of play as I do when using the Chekhov technique."

- Sara Nedwick, Actor

“The work feels like play, it exercises my focus and teaches me to trust my own instincts. In conjunction with the Alexander technique this work makes me aware of energy and how I can direct it, utilize it and work with it.”

- Christiane Seidel, Actor

“Mr. Lenard Petit is the real deal! During class, he is always calm, cool and collected. When he is teaching or sharing you see his passion, his love in the work.”

- Michael Semosh, Actor

“I really appreciate the time taken with each student to ask questions, check-in, and process what is occurring for us as we encounter the work.”

- Anna Dart, Actor

"My imagination and sense of play are coming back to life!"

- Jessica Savage, Actor